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The Wind Turbine Boom Times Are Back

March 19, 2015newgenFeatured0

2010 to 2012 were considered the Boom times for Wind Turbines with initial Feed in Tariffs or FiT rates at the highest they would ever be.

With the new enhancements to turbines and the rising costs of energy coupled with the FiT and major banks opening up lending to wind turbines you are able to make big returns off of your investment. We now have models available from 50kW to 900kW from Class IIIA through Class IA. We can site your turbine on sites from 4.5mps to 10mps average annual wind speed with either 11kVA or 33kVA options available as well as sites that are constrained by noise or those that would like anywhere from 24m to 75m hub heights.

All of this really means that you have options. You need to talk to us and we need to come out to your site to help you select the right combination that will work the hardest for you. Don’t delay, because the FiT is only going down and you need to get in early.

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Turbine Brochures from Endurance

July 30, 2014newgenFeatured, News0



Newgen are proud to offer the following new turbines from Endurance to our customers.







24 Endurance E-3120 turbines installed

Endurance E-3120 Turbine


These turbines are producing in excess of 4MW of power annually. Enough to power the electricity for around 1250 homes in Yorkshire. Is one of them yours?

Watch our installation video online

April 18, 2012newgenFeatured0

Endurance E-3120 install complete

Newgen installs West Yorkshire’s first 50kW Endurance Wind Turbine. See the photos below from the installation. The installation was for investment company DC21 (photos by gda)

Endurance Wind Turbine

Preparing the nacelle for the install

Nacelle of the Endurance Wind Turbine

Monopole 25m Mast - Endurance Wind Turbine

The nacelle being installed

Climbing up the wind turbine

Complete install of the 50kW Endurance Wind Turbine

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Endurance E-3120 ground works update

We managed to snap some decent pictures of the finished ground works.

Endurance Wind Turbine Ground Works


50kW Wind Turbine, installation update!

We are currently finalising the ground-works for an Endurance E-3120 wind turbine near Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Below are pictures of the ground works in progress.

The steel template for the E-3120 Turbine is assembled
Nearing completion
The team inspecting the site
The cement begins to be poured
The concrete is left to cure

Latest Solar Installation

Just an update with some pictures of the team working on our latest solar installation (which is a 4kW system, 16 LG Mono 250W Panels) near Digley reservoir in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Below are some images from the racking system installation.

The team working on a Domestic Solar installation
Close up of the team working on a Domestic Solar installation

E-3120 Groundworks

October 25, 2011newgenFeatured0

Endurance E-3120 50kW Wind Turbine

October 15, 2011newgenFeatured0

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