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Latest Solar Installation

Just an update with some pictures of the team working on our latest solar installation (which is a 4kW system, 16 LG Mono 250W Panels) near Digley reservoir in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Below are some images from the racking system installation.

The team working on a Domestic Solar installation
Close up of the team working on a Domestic Solar installation

Renewable Energy and the FiT

In recent years, the issue of climate change has been something talked about extensively. Decades of seemingly positive technological developments have resulted in severe environmental damage, which we must now endeavor to reverse. Here at Newgen UK we believe in the potential of the wind and the sun to replace traditional fuels which damage our atmosphere. Driven by this belief, we offer a wide range of the most advanced wind turbines and solar panels to bring renewable energy to the masses. Not only do we serve large companies and organisations, but we can also install solar panels and wind turbines at domestic holdings – renewable energy really is the future.

Established 5 years ago by Managing Director, Dean Staveley, the team at Newgen UK united over the desire to see the wind and the sun used all over the world as the most important sustainable energy source. 5 years later, and our unique expertise has overseen the installation of numerous solar panels and wind turbines, helping the environment conquer the emission of CO2 and other harmful gases, and allowing companies, organisations and homeowners to make substantial savings on their energy bills. Whilst 5 years ago the climate change debate was just beginning, today advanced renewable energy solutions are being developed everyday to capture the maximum energy output and reap significant profits. At Newgen UK, we keep up-to-date on the latest products to bring our clients only the very best as we strive to eliminate the belief that renewable energy will never replace its unfavorable and harmful rivals.

The Feed in Tariff
This is a phrase you may have heard talked about a lot with regards to renewable energy, but do you really know the benefits that it could have for you? The FiT scheme was introduced in April of 2010 by the Government in an attempt to encourage more and more companies, organisations and individuals to invest in renewable energy. Why? Because people will now be paid for creating their own green electricity. Not only will you receive payment for the electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself, but you will also receive additional bonus payments for the electricity which you export back to the grid whilst also reducing your standard electricity bill by using your own energy instead. With the introduction of this scheme, the Government hope to drive the UK towards its target of achieving 15% of all energy from renewables by 2020.

The Feed in Tariff has enticed many customers to contact Newgen UK enquiring about our renewable energy solutions. Just one example is Mrs. Green, for whom we recently installed a 4kW solar system on the south-facing roof of her home in Huddersfield. The installation cost Mrs. Green around £12,000, and will produce approximately 3400kWh of energy per year. This means Mrs. Green will earn around £1472 for the total yearly amount of electricity that the PV system generates, regardless of whether she uses it or not. With an additional £340 of savings made through not having to buy electricity, Mrs. Green will make a total saving of £1812 for a year. Over a 25 year period, this results in a paypack of £45,300 – a £33,300 profit, all tax free.

Newgen also recently installed its first commercial 50kW solar system at Cummins Turbo in Huddersfield. This system offers a 14.85% return on investment, meaning the company should see a substantial profit every year. Both Cummins Turbo and Mrs. Green are just two examples of the savings that are being made by investing in renewable energy, exemplifying the Government’s desire to make solar and wind energy nation-wide and to restore our country to its natural beauty.

The Feed in Tariff is, indeed, just one advantage of renewable energy. In reality, the benefits are innumerable. Here at Newgen UK we want to show you that the sun and the wind really are the future of energy, and that you can contribute to the conservation of the environment to ensure the UK (and, indeed, the world) retains its unique beauty for generations to come.


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